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Originated in Germany, is a research and development, production, management and sales in one of the high-end organic latex bedding brand, China is headquartered in Foshan. The Heathcliff brand is committed to providing high quality and healthy bedding for families around the world, including imported organic latex pillows, imported organic latex mattresses, latex spring mattresses, leather soft beds, electric smart beds, children's mattresses and hotel engineering facilities.
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We exceed expectations through our creativity, from design and manufacturing to delivering intelligent customer solutions through products and commercial innovation.


Let’s continue to be brave. To drive improvement and innovation, to keep challenging and allowing ourselves to be challenged. We believe in providing modern solutions for our customers to ensure the sustainable future of our business and shared community.


We have worked hard to create our brand and have built our future collaboratively together, moving forward without fear of a changing world. This takes honesty, loyalty and respect, values we are proud to be associated with.


Estamos orgullosos de ofrecer artesanía de precisión y producir de manera responsable mosaicos de calidad a China y también exportarlos a nivel mundial.

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No.205, 5th Block, No.33 Qing Ke Road
Zhangcha, Chancheng District, Foshan City
Guangdong Province, China
Zip Code: 528000

Telephone: +86-757-8272-5830

Fax: +86-757-8272-5830

Mobile: +86-159-8616-2004
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We ususally reply within 24 hours.